Friday, July 3, 2015

ROTT WEEKEND @faustbordeaux

We had the pleasure of meeting and shooting Faust today in the 626. We decided to do a quick little 4th of July inspired shoot. Beer, kiddie pool,flaming hots, red hair dye floating in the water. It was perfect xoxo Faust was such a babe down to try anything and was so easy and awesome to work with. We only hope to get another opportunity in the future to shoot her cause she's all booked up!
@faustbordeaux ... and don't send her any dm with genitals pics cause she'll block yo ass!!! and wtf thats just sick..............
featured in our shoot is the new cyclone tank top from our "have a nice day" collaboration .
instax shot by @torturechamber Photos shot by @rottingfreshbunny
Happy 4th of July and don't blow your hands off...

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nowhere In Particular Lo$ Angeles

LOS ANGLE$ came out to the @kgbstudios located on Spring St on the outskirts of DTLA.
the vibe was chill alot of new fresh work from Los Angeles night life photographers and artist.
Everyone had to pound there 40's before getting in !!!! no drinks allowed and no drinks inside...
was a bummer but the work and turn out made up for it..


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

@hieucow 100% Unicorn

Its been really nice to see the bb girl @hieucow blow up since we shot with her about a year ago for Rotting Fresh. We Meet at the @mintyjungle HQ in DTLA and got to meet the team. Hieu and I styled all our looks with pieces from @mintyjungle that can be found here :)
We started working in the studio and @torturechamber did what he does best and did a spontaneous doodle background for the shoot. We wrapped up  in the streets and were super stoked with all the images that we got. Peep the new @dollskill knife hand tie dye back pack that will be out soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Hieu and Minty for having us we had a awesome time working with you all.