Monday, July 27, 2015


On Friday @torturechamber and myself went to preview @bestreet 's Bootlegbart group show featuring over 70 artist. It was held in the most perfect gallery in downtown @hnypt. Not to big and not to small white walls nice lighting and a dope vibe with everyone's infatuation with Bart Simpson.
We walked in and the first thing that was in sight was the 10ft high pinata of Bart pulling hes pants down to show hes paper mache ass. Boot leg Bart was present and was being a sport and taking flicks for everyone that had a camera and a phone. The art was def mind blowing on point, and was really impressed with the presentation. I'm sure it was a lot of work to put this group show together and it really showed.  There was free beer by @pbr_art and the tastiest fuckin pink sprinkle donuts going around. Hands down to this show!!! hope everyone in L.A got a chance to see what was on display.
P.S did you hear Matt Groening made it to the show on Sunday!! fuck hes awesome on another level tho.

Monday, July 20, 2015


Hey  guys so we choose a winner. It was so fuckin hard picking someone..... reading over your guys answers over  and over realizing how dope our supporters are and debating who should win this. No Cry babies OK , No haters none of that shit cause we aint about that. We Choose @whatthefuk2 this time around. Last contest we had 3 chicks that won, So were giving it to the dudes this time.We support all walks of artist and liked hes diverse blunt answer. As we continue to grow we will be having more contest to give away more and more product. We honestly wish we would hook everyone up but all in good time. We appreciate all the support and love we get from you guys it really keeps us going.
can the winner please send us a DM with info

Monday, July 13, 2015


Multi talented London Gal Coco was visiting L.A for a minute so we got her in all our new summer development and hit the all white bates motel on Sunset Ave. Of course we left the bolt cutters in the other car and our attempts to jump in with just our socks was not working.  So it was chill shooting from outside.  We hit In-N-Out and went across to Hollywood High to chill for a bit and meet the guys from Savage Squad @savagesquadsb. They agreed to take photos and do some tricks for us while we ate our burgers. Thanks guys!
Coco is amazing and I wish I had a bad ass accent like hers....Give her a follow @cocolloymusic
styled by bae_spice ...clothes pulled from @round2la @cvltboi @oozoos    
shot by @rottingfreshbunny
all of these new items will be available at a secret pop up shop happing at the end of this month....