Thursday, September 24, 2015

A R T S L U T full effect

We Had a Lovely time shooting with @_papermashay 
Name it and she does it !! shes a well rounded and diverse artist.
Creator of @artslut, dancer, suicide girl, recording artist, street artist and fuck her hairs amazing!!!
shes also kinda obsessed with body glitter.. Peep her set.
Babe got dope vibes and is makin some moves. Do your best to keep up !!!

Rotting Fresh

Styled by @bae_spice
photographed by @rottingfreshbunny

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall 15" is Almost Decent

Finally got to getting these images up on the blog.
Were stoked to have worked with our homie angel @almostdecent.
Good time were had putting this shoot together. Blessed we have a talented group of friends in our circle. I FUckin Love Fall. Love to layer ,wear scarves,boots, hoodies all that good shit! Being cold and having a good beer with some flaming hots. CHeers to Fall 15"""""
say hi to our team:)
Photographer @almostdecent
Rott MOdel @jamiefranchie
ROtt Model @vicspedro
Stylist @rottingfreshbunny
Stylist assistant @bae_spice
videographer @supernovaboi
creative direction @torturechamber
Special thanks to the homies at @superchiefgallery