Sunday, December 13, 2015

Strung Out In Heaven Rachel Harris

Congrats to our good friend Rachel Harris. Everyone was there to support a extraordinary visual artist. All your hard work and drive is a inspirations to L.A.

Saturday, November 28, 2015


>> Name:Brittney Scott

 >> Hustle: art ? internet ?

         >> Handel's:

RFB~ Where are you from and how long have you been in L.A??????

B.S666- San Antonio, TX    4 yrs in LA

RFB~What up B Scott, Ive seen that you have been traveling, Djing and stuff ... tell me a little bit bout that. Whats good in Europe??? and did you bring that plug adapter???

B.S666 - was blacked out for 80% of my trip but had so much fun, the parties were insane, the lifestyle was sick. America has some learning to do.
I took the adapter u gave me actually, then it shorted when we tried to use it with a hair straightener oops

RFB~So for the youngins that dont know about you. Tell me about how you started hitting up the pink faced girl with a messy bun icon. Is that a self portrait??

B.S666 - ya, it's a self portrait
I drew it 2 be used as my twitter avi (avatar/icon/profile pic> originally, 
I use 2 work at a street wear store and the guys I worked with would always talk about graffiti and street art, so I  made a wheatpastes of the face during work lol  n tried them out when I got off. The process was long and I dont think I was doing it right, so spray paint was an obvious easier way 2 do it. I don't drive, so I walk around alot, it was a fun thing to do while I was going place to place.

RFB~ How would you describe your art and what inspires you to keep going and creating and to actually give a fuck and be passionate about what you do.

B.S666 - I guess I started doing it to entertain myself, then it became entertaining for other people. I wasn't really trying to pursue art at first, I was just living and sharing things through the internet, but when people started paying attention and kind of connecting to me I used it as motivation and have been trying things out since then 2 see what ppl are into bla bla bla idk.
The intention of my art is 2 make ppl laugh, think, feel
connected with my online presence, it's all social commentary
life is funny, keep it simple, feel things, do whatever u want,

RFB~ Tell me something about B.Scott that no one would know?? I saw you use to play the violin. !!! I use to play for 8 years LOL... for reals tho .... 

B.S666 - ya I played violin all growing up kinda trippy its not part of my life anymore but im sure playing an instrument for so long is why music is so important 2 me now
idrk what some1 wouldn't know, I share a lot online lol and im pretty basic

Do you ever feel pressure to keep creating and staying innovative? or are you just like fuck it ... I do what I want and it comes organically ? 
B.S666 -ya im constantly stressed lol
just as like a millennial, u kno, keeping up w the internet is like ingrained in us now
I like it though cos it keeps me going
trying and learning new things, for me, is innovation, i don't necessarily care if its going to be cool, but rly whatever I do is influenced by others and my environment, so its probably going to be something relative and pleasing for ppl.
I have alot of self doubt but I figure u just gotta keep going and something will catch

RFB~How important is Social Media to you ?? 

B.S666 - obv so important
I've used twitter since high school, social media is just part a part of my life

RFB~What do you have coming up anything in the works before the year ends?

B.S666 - I just started learning how to bend glass 2 make neon signs, but that will be for a show in January in LA 
might be doing a last minute group show in December

 RFB~ Squad Goals... Whos in it ????
B.S666 - all the ppl i love 

B.S666 - both r special

B.S666 - twitter then insta

B.S666 - tru
B.S666 - popcorn, chocolate, chickpeas

B.S666 - club hopping ?

RFB~Who do you want to shout out ??
B.S666 - shout out Skrillex
shout out Andrea
shout out drugs in moderation

RFB~Want to send any shade to anyone??
B.S666 - bad ppl, cops, the govt, Donald Trump
any1 who has sun in their eye right now

RFB~Love you Brit your amazing!!!

Friday, October 30, 2015


Till Next Year Beach Goth 5!!!! The Vibes were so fuckin good and people got down AF with there customs.  I fucked up I should have taken like 1,000 more photos :(......
instax @torturechamber
the rest @rottingfreshbunny